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Save the Earth, Feed the Needy

Wasting food unnecessarily taxes Earth’s limited resources and accelerates global warming. Yet, food waste is everywhere, and this is despite Singapore having many needy households that face food insecurity.

Pledge to finish your food at each meal to support our Clean Plate Campaign.

Show us your clean plate on social media to raise $1 for the needy with each post through our #CleanPlateChallenge.

Pledge not to waste food

I understand that food is precious.

I will be mindful of the portion sizes of my food and pay attention to what feels satisfying, and what is too much.

If I have more food than I can finish, I will prevent it from being wasted by sharing it with others or saving it for another meal.

Show us your clean plate

Every time you show us your clean plate, you have us raise $1*

Habits are inculcated at a young age, and the practice of not ordering or taking too much food and finishing everything on one’s plate should start in primary school. Together with support from Food from the Heart, we look forward to working together to promote healthy habits amongst our students and to make a difference in our future.
Cheong Ye Ling, Principal, Kong Hwa School
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