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善粮社 - 善粮有心,心有善粮

Published: 21 November 2018, Wednesday

Food from the Heart has a new Chinese name, which was revealed on 9 November 2018 during its annual Toy Buffet. After 15 years of operation that have seen the evolution of a humble charity of 170 volunteers to one of the largest independent charitable food distributors in Singapore, Food from the Heart decided on its new Chinese name, 善粮社 (shan liang she), coupled with the tagline 善粮有心,心有善粮. The renewed identity translates into a kind-hearted food charity and was created as a more accurate reflection of Food from the Heart’s purpose in providing food to the needy.

Translation and explanation: 1) 善 shan - kind, charitable 2) 粮 liang - grains, food or meal. Homophone of 良, which means good or respectable. 3. 社 she - society, community 善粮社: A kind-hearted food charity. 善粮有心,心有善粮: Food from the Heart, hearts filled with food of kindness.


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