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What is donating right?

The act of donating is one of goodwill and with the intention to help others. However, not all the items Food from the Heart receives fit this description. Expired products and junk food are examples of such items.

While Food from the Heart appreciates all donations, some are more appropriate and/or easily utilised. The best donations are those that are well-portioned, safe and easy to consume, and are nutritionally-appropriate for our beneficiaries.



More is more, right? Not when it comes to a big sack of rice when an old lady has to carry it back home herself. In addition to being a heavy load, too-large portions of food can pile up in the homes of those who are unable to finish consuming it. These foods turn bad and create unhygenic living conditions.


Safe and Easy to Consume

Food from the Heart urges the public to not donate items that are expired as we are responsible for the food that we give our beneficiaries. Food that is not safe for consumption might become the catalyst for other issues, which could create more harm than good to the vulnerable. Unsafe food items include those that have been opened and have damaged packaging. As a rule of thumb, Food from the Heart only accepts food that have expiry dates of 3 months and beyond, as that accounts for the time the food takes to our beneficiaries, and the time that our beneficiaries to eat the food.

Foods that are easy to consume include smaller bottles of oil (instead of a 5kg bottle) that are easier to pour when cooking, cans with tabs that are easier to open, and foods that can be eaten with no or little preparation.


Nutritionally Appropriate

Food with better nutrition makes it easier for the needy to maintain their health. This is why Food from the Heart encourages donating items that are generally considered healthier, such as low-sugar, more nutrionally-dense or higher protein foods.


Donate Right is an awareness initiative that provides insight into the types of food that are donated, what goes on in a food charity behind the scenes, and the considerations that should be made before donating a food item. It helps those who mean well and want to give well to do so, and is especially suitable as a lead-up to food donation drives.

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