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Who We Are

Independent Non-Profit Organisation
Singapore Food Charity
Est. 2003


To be the leading charity in Singapore devoted to alleviating hunger through efficient distribution of food.



To alleviate hunger by providing reliable, consistent and sustainable food support to the less-fortunate through food distribution programmes.

Our Values

As we work towards our mission, we embrace the values of professionalism, efficiency, transparency and self-sustainability.


Food from the Heart is a non-profit organisation that feeds the needy through its food distribution programme. It was established in February 2003 after Singapore-based Austrian couple Henry and Christine Laimer read a report in The Sunday Times about bakeries discarding their unsold bread. Stirred, they then decided to channel surplus food from bakeries to those in need.

Food from the Heart started with 120 volunteers in 2003. Our volunteers have since multiplied to over 10,000, and together we reached 59,500 beneficiaries across Singapore in 2021.

*Henry Laimer sadly passed away on June 1st, 2022, in Austria. More details here.

[The School Goodie Bag is very helpful for our family. Receiving it every month gives us the assurance that we will have food for our family especially towards the end of the month, when it gets even more challenging for us financially. Expenses can also now be focused on other equally important things. We are truly grateful to FFTH.]
Rahim, Beneficiary
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