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Waste not, want not

Did you know? Not all damaged goods are damaged equally. Not all of them should be thrown out, but that's exactly what happens at retail marts a lot of the time! Help us save the food for those who need it instead.

Worth of Items Saved and Given Out
Welfare Homes

Market Place

About This Programme

The Market Place programme seeks to create a win-win solution that reduces food waste while feeding the needy by channeling food that retailers do not wish to keep on the shelves but still good for consumption food to those who need it.

The items are distributed to welfare homes and other beneficiaries via our Community Food Pack programme.

Find out about our other programmes, Community Food Pack and School Goodie Bag that feed the needy, as well as another that seeks to even out the food distribution in Singapore, Bread Run.

Receiving Unsellable Items

Food from the Heart has established a collaborative effort with NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Ltd to receive packaging-damaged and near-expiry items from all their supermarkets.

We urge retailers to step forward to make a meaningful, business-savvy contribution to Food from the Heart. Indicate your interest here.

Food Sorting

Just as how a retail mart offers a wide array of options for shoppers, the items we receive via the Market Place programme are equally varied.

Our beneficiaries' well-being is of utmost importance, which is why we conduct strict quality checks to make sure all the food we distribute is safe for consumption. The process includes checking for expiration dates and the food safety aspects of the packaging.

Keen to help us sort our food? Indicate your interest as an individual here or as a group here.

Food Distribution

After our food has been qualified as safe, they are made available for collection. Food from the Heart invites welfare homes to visit our warehouse to "shop" for as much food as they want. All the food is then brought back by the welfare home at zero cost - everything is given for free!

We welcome fellow Social Service Organisations that require food provisions to reach out to us here.

The remaining items are then deployed for use in our Community Food Pack programme.

If you want to fry bee hoon with canned food, you need a lot of canned food, then you can fry lunch for the whole house here. And it will cost a lot. But with Food from the Heart, we have no problems frying it once or twice a week.
Caleb, The Hiding Place, Market Place Partner
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