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We are taking extra precautions given the new cases of locally transmitted Covid-19 infection. If you are feeling unwell, or have been to the MOH-announced cluster locations in the past 14 days, kindly consider cancelling your volunteering session to ensure the safety of our volunteers and staff. We rely on everyone to practice personal social responsibility so that our daily food packing and distribution schedules would not be disrupted.

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Ad Hoc Volunteers Required - Community Shop @ Lengkok Bahru (Please read full details inside)
1 slot available
Food sorting and packing, cleaning of marked cans for Marketplace
1 slot available
Food Packing for School Goodie Bag & Community Food Pack Programme
1 slot available
Food Packing for School Goodie Bag & Community Food Pack Programme
1 slot available


Recognised among charities in Singapore working towards a social good

Food from the Heart is a IPC-status food charity that feeds the needy in Singapore. Our food distribution programmes are run with sustainable charity in mind. This means that we are committed to providing continued food security to our beneficiaries for as long as they need it.

We have developed a wide network of synergistic partnerships by connecting the dots between those who are willing to help and those who need help, making Food from the Heart one of the most recognised food charities in Singapore. We are grateful for the warm support of other recognised organisations and individuals who have emerged from their respective fields and professions to join us on our mission to feed the needy.

Founded from the inspiration to channel surplus food to the needy, Food from the Heart has also made the most of our unique position to reduce food waste. Find out more about our programmes and initiatives.

With a sustainable operations model, structured governance and strong support, Food from the Heart is often recognised as one of the most well-run food charities in Singapore.

Moving towards our second decade with the help of over 10,000 volunteers, we were able to provide sustainable food security with $7.22 million worth of food to more than 59,500 beneficiaries in 2021.

Get a better picture of about Food from the Heart from our boilerplate.

Food from the Heart is recognised alongside other charities in Singapore who have been accorded the IPC status. Donors will be able to claim tax relief when they contribute to our charity. You can view our latest financial reports and find out more about making a donation on our Donation Page.

Habits are inculcated at a young age, and the practice of not ordering or taking too much food and finishing everything on one's plate should start in primary school. Together with support from Food from the Heart, we look forward to working together to promote healthy habits amongst our students and to make a difference in our future.
Cheong Ye Ling, Principal, Kong Hwa School
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