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Food is a precious resource. Treat it accordingly.

Did you know? 28,000kg of bread is saved from the bins every month through Food from the Heart's Bread Run programme. That works out to 1,350 supermarket trolleys worth of bread - imagine that!

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Bread Run

About This Programme

The Bread Run programme aims to feed the needy with safe-for-consumption bread that would otherwise have been thrown away.

The programme strives to achieve an equilibrium between food surplus in the retail sector and where it is needed within the community.

It is organised by Food from the Heart and executed by an intricate network of partners who donate bread, volunteers who can deliver the bread, and community partners who pass on the bread to our beneficiaries.

Find out about our other programme, Market Place, that seeks to even out the food distribution in Singapore.

Bread Collection

Food from the Heart has more than 100 Bread Run partners, which largely include bakeries and hotels, scattered throughout Singapore. After serving its commercial time on the shelves, excess bread is collected, packed for pick up and donated to our cause instead of being disposed.

Keen to contribute bread on a regular basis? Indicate your interest here.

Bread Runs

Our bread runs are completed by our volunteers (Bread Runners) every day of the year, be it rain or shine. Each Bread Runner is assigned a route that comprises the pick-up of bread from our Bread Run partners and the drop-off of bread at our bread distribution points.

With more than 800 regular routes and 27,290 bread runs in a year, we need your support.

Keen to be a Bread Runner? Indicate your interest here.

Bread Distribution

The bread is received at our distribution points, where community partners work to give the bread out to individual beneficiaries. The bread is typically consumed during breakfast and tea break at welfare homes or re-packed into smaller denominations and given out as weekly rations to individual families.

We welcome community partners who require bread provisions to reach out to us here.

We are very inspired by volunteers who do the bread runs despite the inconvenience of not having their own vehicles. For us, we have our own car. We also have a little over an hour every week night to spare, so why not us as well?
Isaac & Jin, Bread Run Volunteers
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