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Clean Plate Campaign

Clean Plate Campaign

Ongoing: Clean Plate Pledge Fundraiser to Feed the Needy
Take a pledge to reduce food waste and raise $5 for our beneficiaries now!

The world is producing more food than we can finish. Yet, it is unevenly distributed, with the poor going hungry while food is being thrown away elsewhere.

The Clean Plate Campaign emphasises the importance of reducing food waste by creating awareness of the environmental and societal impact of food waste, and instilling the habit of mindful eating. It is part of Food from the Heart's larger objective of redistributing food to the needy in Singapore.

To reduce the amount of food wastage nationally, Food from the Heart advocates ending each meal with a clean plate.

The Clean Plate Campaign has seen an exponential increase in participation since its founding, from five schools taking part in 2013 to 52 schools and 14 PCF centres in 2020, alongside growing awareness on curbing rising food wastage. With the help of 730 volunteer ambassadors, we managed to count a total of 146,000 clean plates across our partnering schools.

Enquire to find out more about running the Clean Plate Campaign in your school/organisation.

Beyond schools, Food from the Heart is moving towards its broader intention of addressing the food waste issue nationwide by working with public institutions and business corporations. It launched the Clean Plate Campaign in public for the first time at Old Airport Road food centre in October 2018 and looks forward widen its reach through the digital space in 2020.

Grow, Nourish and Sustain Together Through COVID-19

Many of us have suffered the impact of COVID-19 this year, highlighting the importance of sustainable habits, cultures and systems. The Clean Plate Campaign seeks to cultivate a society that values food and, with its fundraising element, funnel food to those who need it.

Read more about fundraising through Clean Plate Campaign

Habits are inculcated at a young age, and the practice of not ordering or taking too much food and finishing everything on one's plate should start in primary school. Together with support from Food from the Heart, we look forward to working together to promote healthy habits amongst our students and to make a difference in our future.
Cheong Ye Ling, Principal, Kong Hwa School
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