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Hot meals from the neighbourhood hawker

Did you know? Not being able to cook is a real concern for some of our beneficiaries. Reasons include physical disability, time constraints and lack of resources to cook.

Hawker Partners
Meals Redeemed in 2021

Project Belanja!

About This Programme

Project Belanja! (热食暖心齐买单) is Food from the Heart’s app-driven hot food redemption programme, run in partnership with hawker stall owners. The programme provides needy with freshly-cooked meals to be redeemed at designated neighbouring hawker stalls, within proximity of the activity zones of the beneficiaries.

Some of our beneficiaries are unable to cook their own meals. To them, Project Belanja! is a cooked-food alternative to food pack rations like those from the Community Food Pack programme.

To others, it gives them greater choice and flexibility over what their meal will be - they get to choose when they want a change from their usual fare, cooked by someone else in a different way, enjoyed in another environment.

The programme also encourages them to step out of the house to interact with the community.

Redemption Process

Beneficiaries use the QR code on their Food from the Heart beneficiary card to redeem meals for up to 15 meals per month for each person. The cards are scanned on a mobile app used by partnering hawker stall vendors, where redemption data is tracked to better understand and serve the beneficiaries.

Find out more about our Community Shop, another digitalised food-redemption project by Food from the Heart.


  • Tampines
  • Kolam Ayer
  • Marine Parade
  • Mountbatten
  • Toa Payoh

Sponsors and F&B Partners

Food from the Heart actively seeks more F&B partners to join us to feed the needy. F&B redistributors, retailers and stall owners can contact us to find out more about supporting our programmes.

We also invite sponsors to support the hawkers who participate in Project Belanja! to eliminate the financial barriers of hawkers who wish to join the initiative. Enquire today to find out more about sponsoring Project Belanja!

Project Belanja! helps me a lot because I cannot stand too long to cook. The card is also quick and easy to use.
Serene Tan, Beneficiary
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