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Project Belanja

What is it?

Project Belanja! is Food from the Heart's initiative to offer hot meals to its beneficiaries.


How does it work?

Food from the Heart beneficiaries use the QR code on their beneficiary card to redeem meals via the Food Trust mobile app.


Giving Better

Food from the Heart recognises that different beneficiary profiles require different solutions, and Project Belanja! is one of those solutions.

It addresses the needs of those who are unable to cook because of reasons such as physically disabilities and no access to cooking gas and electricity. Chosen with accessibility in mind, Project Belanja! locations are within close proximity of the activity zones of Food from the Heart's beneficiaries.

Those who juggle multiple jobs and/or caregiver duties often do not have the time to cook. Project Belanja! takes cooking off their plate and serves them a meal instead.

The initiative also serves to improve the standard of living with the simple but intangible gift of choice. Being able to redem meals through Project Belanja! means our beneficiaries get to choose when they want a change from their usual fare, cooked by someone else in a different way, enjoyed in another environment.


Seeking Sponsors and F&B Partners

Food from the Heart actively seeks sponsors to support the hawkers who participate in Project Belanja! to eliminate the financial barriers of hawkers who wish to join the initiative. Sponsors and F&B partners may contact us to enquire about partnership.


Project Belanja! is one of the ways Food from the Heart tries to give better while digitalising the meal-redemption process. Find out more about our Community Shop, another digitalised food-redemption project by Food from the Heart.



January 2019: Tampines

Dec 2019: Kolam Ayer

July 2020: Toa Payoh

Aug 2020: Moutbatten


Photo credit: Nicholas Zhang

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