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Consistent, dependable support for the needy in our community

Did you know? Not all the food that we receive is suitable for our beneficiaries' day-to-day consumption due to food safety factors. This is why we need all the help we can get to properly sort the food!

Self-Collection Centres
Food Packs

Community Food Pack

About This Programme

The Community Food Pack programme comprises distributions of fresh fruit, eggs and bread, as well as monthly food packs of non-perishable food items.

The programme helps the less-fortunate put food on the table and offset their living expenses. It is fueled by a mix of food donations, cash donations (that are used to make food purchases), bread from our Bread Run programme, and the sweat of hardworking volunteers who assist us in the sorting and packing process!

We understand those who seek the assistance of our programmes are trying their best to cope, and that the promise of their next meal is important to them. That is why we work hard to ensure the reliable and consistent provision of our food rations at the same time every month without fail to give them the mental security that they need.

Make a donation here to help us feed the needy now!

Find out about our other programme, School Goodie Bag, that feeds the needy in Singapore.

Food Donation Drives

Organising food donation drives is one of the ways volunteers can help to gather much-needed non-perishable food supplies while creating awareness about Food from the Heart.

In turn, Food from the Heart supports such efforts with marketing collaterals such as pull-up banners and relevant artwork.

Food donation drives are is often adopted by organisations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme, and by school students as part of their Values in Action programme.

Keen to organise a food donation drive for us? Click here.

Food Sorting

The food that we receive from food donation drives are a varied lot that comes in good and bad conditions; single and family-sized packs; Halal and non-Halal.

Our beneficiaries' well-being is of utmost importance, which is why we conduct strict quality checks to make sure all the food we distribute is safe for consumption. The process includes checking for expiration dates and the food safety aspects of the packaging.

After passing our quality checks, items are sorted according to their categories and sizes so that they can be easily packed in appropriate quanitites later on.

Keen to help us sort our food? Indicate your interest as an individual here or as a group here.

Food Packing

The Community Food Pack comprises food from different categories, such as staples, vegetables and proteins and cooking essentials. These items are packed into a food pack that will last each family a month.

We welcome groups of 10 - 15 people to help us with our food packing. Indicate your interest here.

Food Distribution

Our logistic team delivers the monthly food packs to our community partners, who distribute them at our Self-Collection Centres on the same day of every month.

We welcome community partners who wish to receive our food rations to reach out to us here.

A charity that has been doing great things for the past 15 years! Reducing food wastage and at the same time redistribution these items to low-income households.
Terence Ng, Volunteer