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Over 15,000 Pledges to Reduces Food Waste!

Published: 1 November 2021, Monday

Over 15,000 Pledges to Reduces Food Waste!

Food from the Heart’s Clean Plate Campaign fundraiser ended 31 October. Thanks to wonderful supporters like you, as well as the various schools, sustainability groups and social media gurus who helped spread the word, we managed to surpass our target of 15,000 pledges to reduce food waste!

On top of our public pledge fundraiser, our Clean Plate Campaign was also run acorrs 45 schools and 14 pre-schools this year, chalking up a total of 99,560 clean plates till date.

Your collective efforts have helped us raise $125,000 through the Clean Plate Campaign, thanks to NTUC FairPrice Foundation and ICAP. We couldn’t be more grateful.


Reducing food waste sometimes takes foresight and a little planning. Find out what our Clean Plate Campaign supporters Timothy and Charlotte do to reduce food waste from their plates and kitchens!


Timothy Lai

Husband, and Father of Two


How do you encourage your children to adopt the habit of finishing their food? 

We as parents set the example of finishing everything on our plates, as we were taught by our parents. Our kids are taught not to waste food and they don't leave the table until their plates are clean!


How does the family try to reduce food waste as a unit?

We plan our meals ahead and my wife buys the food accordingly so that we get fresh food, yet don’t over-stock and end up wasting what we did not manage to use.

We tend to order less rather than more as we can always order again, although it was a bit challenging during COVID when the delivery slots were full. So during those times we had to order a bit more and be extra mindful to finish it. We managed to not have food going bad and thrown away. That would be a waste of money, too!



Charlotte Mei

Nutritionist, Host and Presenter


As an environmentalist, have you realised some things that people do not know or misconceptions that they have about food waste?

When food is wasted, it's not just the food that goes to waste, but the resources that went into it such as time, energy, water, money, etc get wasted along with it too. There is a multiplier effect.


What are some useful tips that you go by to make sure to avoid wasting food?

I plan in advance - if I know I will be eating out during the week, I cut down on grocery shopping. When eating out and I know I won't be eating much or when I know the serving sizes are bigger, I'd make a request to ask for a smaller portion of a certain component (e.g. half rice) so that it doesn't end up going to waste.”


In a profession that is very front-facing, do you watch your diet and does that affect how you make decisions with your food?

I watch my diet mainly due to the fact that I was trained as a nutritionist. I am not strict with my diet, but I am mindful of what I eat. For example, I do my best to ensure that I consume vegetables during lunch and dinner, and that all meals I have in a day (including snacks) contain protein, so it keeps me fuller for longer, and it also helps with building and repairing muscles.


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