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84 Student Beneficiaries Say "I CAN"

Published: 30 November 2020, Monday

84 Student Beneficiaries Say

I CAN: Improvements in Conduct, Attendance and Non-academic performance


Food from the Heart, hand in hand with their school teachers, recognises the efforts of our beneficiaries to improve themselves in ways beyond school grades. By rewarding resilience, positivity and perseverance – all important traits that build character from young. We hope to play a part in our young beneficiaries journey as they grow and develop.


This year, Shaheed, Raiyan and Javier of Jing Shan Primary School stand among the 84 award recipients who have received the award of $100 worth of book vouchers. They are among Food from the Heart’s School Goodie Bag beneficiaries, who receive monthly food packs as a consistent source of sustenance. The food packs are curated to provide underprivileged students with the adequate support for growth that they deserve.


“We have received feedback from the parents … We do see an improvement in health, they’re more regular in coming to school and have expressed joy in coming to school,” Mdm. Nazreen, Student Welfare Teacher, Gan Eng Seng Primary School, says of the School Goodie Bag.


Food from the Heart hopes to continue helping students achieve their potential with its monthly distribution of food packs via the School Goodie Bag programme and its annual I CAN award.


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