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Food from the Heart on Channel 8 岛屿温度 / Heart Warmers

Published: 31 May 2021, Monday

Food from the Heart on Channel 8 岛屿温度 / Heart Warmers

Food from the Heart was featured on Channel 8's 岛屿温度 / Heart Warmers last week.

Watch 岛屿温度 Heart Warmers on MeWatch now.


Show Highlights

A glimpse into the life of volunteer-cum-beneficiaries Uncle Michael and Mr Yeo;

"Before, I had money to splurge. Now I need to think twice to have enough money to live through each day." Mr Yeo, Community Food Pack beneficiary and volunteer

How food packing volunteer work is done at Food from the Heart;

"When I see the finished food packs, I'd imagine how happy the families would be when they receive them. It's tiring but you'd be happy and have a sense of satisfaction," - Lin Mei Ling, food packing volunteer 

What our Community Shop is about, and its beneficiaries, volunteers and donors;

What Project Belanja! is about, and why beneficiaries like Aunty Serene need it;

"Sometimes when I stand for too long, I feel like I'm going to crumble because I lose strength in my legs." - Aunty Serene, Project Belanja! and Community Food Pack beneficiary

How Food from the Heart continues to improve

"Data is key to our operations. We can see what each beneficiary takes (and make adjustments accordingly,)" - Sim Bee Hia, Food from the Heart CEO



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