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Preschoolers take on Clean Plate Campaign!

Published: 1 November 2019, Friday

Preschoolers take on Clean Plate Campaign!

While it might seem natural to some that food is precious and should not be wasted, others have not quite internalised this fact, possibly because we have been fortunate enough to not experience a lack of it.

Last year, Clean Plate Campaign ventured into the hawker centres. This year, we got into preschools to both educate them on food waste, as well as put it into practise; clean plates were counted during lunchtime, and the preschoolers of PCF Sparkletots @ Blk 85 Whampoa even became our Clean Plate Campaign ambassadors at a nearby coffeeshop!

Food waste is something that affects everyone, some more than others. We hope to educate those who have grown accustomed to food waste and inculcate mindfulness among the young to prepare them for their battle against climate change.

With 50,000 clean plates counted across 83 schools for our campaign this year, Food from the Heart is heartened to know that we too have played a part in shaping a more sustainable future for our nation.




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