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Community Food Packs Supports Beneficiary Through Dark Times

Published: 25 November 2020, Wednesday

Few of us ever saw a pandemic coming, and that there would have been 11,350 retrenchments* within the first half of 2020.

Jackie Yap was one of the many who lost their jobs to COVID-19. He had held is previous job in construction for eight years and had not expected to be retrenched. Since then, he has turned to working two jobs as a furniture delivery driver as well as a food delivery driver to support his three daughters alongside his wife, who is also working. Feeding three young mouths, he admits, is no easy feat.

Jackie laments as he shares about the instability of his current work situation, "Sometimes we have to wait 1.5 hours for one single order."

He knows, though, that he can count on Food from the Heart's food packs to supplement his daily meals and give him a sense of food security. They contain everyday staples like rice and noodles, proteins in the form of canned food, and items that his daughters enjoy, such as Milo.

Food from the Heart has seen more profiles such as Jackie's this year due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, and these effects will linger even with the arrival of Phase 3. As we wait and anticipate what is to come, we urge those who have the capacity to give to lend a hand to those who need it with a generous donation today.


*According to Channel News Asia


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