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Meet Who You've Been Helping: Campus Impact

Published: 2 October 2019, Wednesday


Food from the Heart & Campus Impact

Campus Impact is one of the 200+ community partners Food from the Heart works with. It is committed to helping children from low-income and disadvantaged families adopt a positive attitude, purposeful life and pioneering spirit, and acquiring skills and values to become useful citizens within our community. With meaningful programmes rolled out in a safe, positive environment, it has become a sanctuary where each child can develop their own path to success.

One such programme is Buddy Hour. Members of the Buddy Hour group take on the role of young reporters covering stories, which are shared online through video recordings. Food from the Heart's Toy Buffet became one such story when Campus Impact joined the event last year; the excitable beneficiaries put on their best professional faces as they read out the questions they had prepared for Food from the Heart CEO Ms Sim Bee Hia in a face-to-face interview.

“It was quite a defining experience for them! Being treated and respected as adults themselves really empowered our kids and gave them that boost of confidence that they needed, which was actually the stepping stone for them to interview our grassroots advisor, Mister Shanmugam (at another event),” shared Elysa Chen, Campus Impact, Executive Director.


Beneficiaries Give Back

Campus Impact also participated in Food from the Heart's Clean Plate Challenge in a video that called for others to treasure their food instead of wasting it, carrying a can-do spirit and empowering young ones to acheive better for themselves and give back to the community.

This is one of many stories in which Food from the Heart's own beneficiaries have passed on the goodwill. Others include a taxi driver who uses his vehicle to help with our food distribution and an old lady who is too weak to work makes handicrafts for charity sales.


Food from the Heart looks forward to cultivating more meaningful relationships within the social service sector, and urge more organisations and schools with students under the Financial Assistance Scheme to step forward to start a dialogue with us. Keen to collaborate with Food from the Heart? Drop us an enquiry  here.


Missed the episode of Buddy Hour taken at Food from the Heart’s Toy Buffet? Watch it here.


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