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COVID-19 - Are Charities Still Operating When Most Work From Home

Published: 6 April 2020, Monday

COVID-19 - Are Charities Still Operating When Most Work From Home

Dear Friends of Food from the Heart,

Many of you have expressed concern about Food from the Heart’s operations during this period of heightened measures.

This notice is to share that MSF and NCSS have classified Food from the Heart’s work as essential services, and our programmes will continue to run. We have planned our operations around hygiene and safe distancing as much as possible, and continue to work with our partners within the community to do.

Volunteers are still needed at our warehouse. Due to the limited space available, we are only able to house 16 - 18 volunteers each session.

As you might have expected, our cash and food donations have dropped. And yet, we are feeding a growing number of beneficiaries every month - we need 80,000 food items each month now. The best way you can play a part in our fight against hunger amidst this pandemic is by donating cash to us, which we can use to purchase food.

Make a donation today.


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