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CSR on a Different Level with Food from the Heart

Published: 2 July 2021, Friday

CSR on a Different Level with Food from the Heart

Food from the Heart did a dip stick survey among our Community Shop @ Mountbatten beneficiaries in Q1 of 2021. Amongst other things, we found out about our beneficiaries behaviours, their sentiments about our support, as well as what they hoped to see in the future.

At a glance, the survey results provided us with an understanding of the beneficiaries’ overall behaviour. To take a deeper look into trends that would help us better understand the motivations and circumstances of our beneficiaries better, we leveraged the analytical capabilities of our partner, OCBC Bank. 

Having aided us in funding and manual operations in the past, OCBC Bank is now expanding its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme for Food from the Heart by engaging their staff in analysing the data collected to provide more insight on the food security landscape. "It’s a meaningful way to solve real world problems, and the fresh perspective also gives my team the opportunity to get creative with their thought processes. We’re glad for the chance to serve the community by applying our data science skills to tackle this very real problem," says Donald MacDonald, Head of Group Customer Analytics & Decisioning, OCBC Bank.

Questions they will be exploring include what the items are preferred by different profiles, and why, and how different profiles have changed their collection habits over time, and why.

As a non-profit organization with limited resources, Food from the Heart has long tapped on its network to support its 53,700 beneficiaries. Other than Social Service Agencies (SSAs) that collaborate with us to reach out to our beneficiaries, we have also formed partnerships with corporations that have made the most of the skillsets within their business functions to do good.

OCBC Bank’s data analysis insights is just one of the ways Food from the Heart has tapped on the proficiencies of external parties; other partnerships include logistics company Goldbell, which supported Food from the Heart with their logistic expertise and vehicles, as well as food distributors.

While onsite voluntarism and cash sponsorships are conventional means of CSR, they are not the only ways. As Food from the Heart continues to expand its reach and improve its service, we seek corporations to reach out to us to explore alternative ways of giving.

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