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Everyday Heroes - Food Pack Delivery Driver Volunteers

Published: 29 June 2020, Monday

While many have cultivated homely hobbies in the past few months since the COVID-19 outbreak, a unique group of people took to the streets in the name of essential services - volunteers helping Food from the Heart to feed the needy.

Left: Mr. Ong, Right: Eddie and Food from the Heart beneficiary
Bored of being confined by his four walls, Eddie felt that there was no more meaningful way for him to get some sun and fresh air by channeling his energy into becoming a delivery volunteer via Food from the Heart's partnership with courier uParcel.
Even though Eddie was no stranger to volunteer work, what he saw during his first session with us touched him. “Through this, I understood more about the beneficiaries’ plights”, he recounts. "I also realised how many people in our community need help."
Going from door to door, Eddie had gotten to see each beneficiary in the flesh, which allowed him to catch a first-hand glimpse of the varying situations that the beneficiaries were in, as well as the big smiles that greeted him when he announced that he was delivering food packs from Food from the Heart.
Mr Ong, another delivery volunteer shares two prominent memories about his volunteering experience, “A child beneficiary once ran up to me with joy when he saw eggs in the food pack I was delivering. I was so surprised that a simple thing like that could make a child so happy. During another delivery, an eldery man thanked me for the food pack as he has run out of things to eat." He told Food from the Heart how such encounters opened his eyes to what poverty situation looked like in Singapore, and that he felt very thankful for the opportunity to help fellow Singaporeans.
As we move towards the new normal and our volunteers return to life in their workplace, Food from the Heart needs more delivery volunteers to feed the new needy post-Covid. If you possess a vehicle and have time in the day to spare, volunteer as a delivery driver with us today.


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