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Food Drive for our 4th Community Shop @ Punggol!

Published: 9 May 2022, Monday

Community Shop at Punggol

We are opening our fourth Community Shop, this time in Punggol!

Help us raise 10,000 food items at our food drive for the new Shop by dropping your donations off. And for the first time, we will have a Drive-Thru donation where Staff and volunteers will help you unload from your car.

Drive-Thru Food Donation Drive Details

  • 21 & 22 May (Saturday & Sunday), 10am - 5pm
  • Community Shop @ Punggol, Blk 224A Sumang Lane, #01-02, S821224

Full Food Wish List:

Staple Food

Rice, 2-5kg

Brown Rice, 2-5kg

Assorted Instant Noodle, 5-pack

Rice Vermicelli, 400g


Canned Foods

Baked Beans, 397-435g

Corn, 397-435g

Chicken Curry, 280g

Condensed Milk/ Sweetener, 380-400g

Evaporated Milk, 380-400g

Canned Fruits, 500g-565g

Mushrooms, 397-435g

Pickled Vegetables, 182g

Braised Peanut, 170g

Pork Products (Luncheon meat, Minced, Cube), 397-425g

Sardines, 397-435g

Tuna, 160g

Vegetarian Food, 280g



Coffee, 15 Sachets

Milk, 1 liter

Milo, 18 Sachets


Oat/Instant Cereal, 400g


Cooking Items

Oil, 1litre

Sugar, 1kg

Salt, 500g



Jam, 401-500g

Peanut Butter, 450-599g

Kaya, 300-600g

Honey, 400g



Assorted Biscuits, 300g to 700g

Cornflakes, 350g onwards



What if I cannot make it for the food drive?

You can contribute to the food drive by ordering food donations online and sending them to the Shop on the days of the food drive. Deliveries to the Shop can also be made between shop opening hours of 9.30am - 12.30pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays except for Public Holidays from 31 May onwards.

You can also make a cash donation online to help us fill our shelves.

Find out more on how we're Giving Better through our Community Shop initiative.

We look forward to your support!


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