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Fresh root vegetables included in food packs

Published: 13 October 2019, Sunday

Fresh root vegetables included in food packs

When we were young, our parents fed us cod liver oil so that we would be smart. When we have a sore throat, we stay away from fried foods. Even when the weather is cold, we crave hot soup. 

The needy often do not have the privilege of choice when it comes to the food they are given, and many of them focus on simply satiating their hunger to minimise food expenses despite having dietary requirements due to illnesses.

For example, diabetics should avoid high glycemic foods and kidney failure patients should avoid foods high in potassium. Most of these people are the elderly, who also need more nourishment as their physical condition deteriorates each year.

Underprivileged families with young children would benefit from foods that contain a good amount of protein and micronutrients such as milk, eggs and baked beans. These items can be found in our School Goodie Bag, alongside items with lower glycemic index to help manage hyperactive tendencies.

Keeping this in mind, Food from the Heart has made efforts to improve the nutritional value of our food packs, including fresh produce such as fruit and eggs, and starting September 2019, root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and potatoes. This is in addition to our food pack specially curated for dialysis patients.


Food is not merely sustenance; it is nutrition and comfort, and what you give can be a show of love.

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