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Giving is receiving. 8-year-old Megan is the perfect example.

Published: 9 July 2020, Thursday

Giving is receiving. 8-year-old Megan is the perfect example.

When we think about self-development, charity is not usually the first word that comes to mind. But considering the manifold benefits of giving, maybe it’s time it does.

Anyone who gives instantly receives a sense of virtue, which adds to one’s self-esteem. Beyond that, giving can also add to one’s experiences, learning and skills. 8-year-old Megan started her own fundraiser because she enjoys helping people, and in return, she built character and honed her drawing skills. She now also knows how to hold a fundraiser and how people can donate online!

With encouragement from her parents, Megan pledged to raise funds for Food from the Heart for her birthday in June.


“You guys need more help than me getting presents”, was her response when asked why she decided to spend her birthday a little differently this year. It was through chancing upon the episode titled “My Helping Hands” of Channel News Asia’s weekly programme “On the Red Dot” that Megan realised the depth of Food from the Heart’s work in supporting the needy and knowing that the current pandemic that has left many helpless spurred Megan to kickstart her initiative.

Her mother Hui Yi acknowledged that it was not an easy thing for a young child like Megan to forgo birthday presents for a more noble cause. After a night of contemplation, Megan decided that giving was better than receiving. 

“We were pleasantly surprised by Megan’s enthusiasm to contribute towards this good cause and how she took ownership of it. She was the one who suggested drawing simple pictures for donors in return for their kind donations,” shared Hui Yi.

She further shared about the family’s fundraising experience, “The food distribution efforts by Food from the Heart and similar charities are extremely commendable and necessary. Given that my children are still young, it's tough for us to volunteer with the actual distribution. As such, we are happy to be able to help by raising funds, and we truly appreciate the strong support shown by our loved ones and friends during the fund raising. We are grateful for this meaningful and memorable birthday experience knowing that we helped others in need.”



Flash Q&A with Megan


If you could wish for something for the needy, what would it be?

Megan: I wish that they had someone to accompany them forever because they might be lonely and to help them with groceries and housework etc. 


How does it feel to know that your birthday pledge will make a difference in someone’s life?

Megan: Very happy because I like helping everyone!


Any other statements/stories that you would like to share?

Megan: I want to wish you good luck and to stay safe. Remember, #SGUNITED!


Giving is receiving, and here’s one more way to give: ongoing fundraiser Challenge55 gives participants a reason to get active during a time of inactivity. 100% of sign-up proceeds will be donated to Food from the  Heart. Find out more about Challenge55 now!


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