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How COVID-19 Affects Charities Like Food from the Heart

Published: 24 February 2020, Monday

How COVID-19 Affects Charities Like Food from the Heart

A day before Food from the Heart's official launch of the Community Shop @ Mountbatten

So how did the raise in DORSCON level to orange for COVID-19 affect charities like Food from the Heart?

Some facts and numbers:

  • Food from the Heart requires the help of 900 volunteers every month to check food donations, and sort and pack 6,500 food packs
  • Within a week of COVID-19 DORSCON level orange, 90% of our group volunteering sessions got cancelled. That is close to 400 volunteers.
  • 2,000 food packs had to be packed and delivered by end of that same week
  • Eventually, within two weeks of DORSCON orange, 100% of our original group volunteering sessions were cancelled

The news of food hoarding when DORSCON orange was announced also signalled to us that there might be shortages in food donations in days to come.

Fortunately, the community spirit prevailed, and Food from the Heart received overwhelming support in response to our call for help from individuals and various corporations. We are deeply heartened and thank everyone who has stepped forward to lend a helping hand during these tough times.

It is worth keeping in mind the assistance that Food from the Heart provides is consistent and long-term, and so is the support that we require. We hope that our supporters will be able to stick with us for the long haul to help us continue distributing food to the needy month after month.


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Photo credit: Singapore Sports Council, Team Nila (pictured)


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