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The Vivacious Mdm T. Nalaayini

Published: 17 April 2023, Monday

The Vivacious Mdm T. Nalaayini

More than just a charity minimart, Food from the Heart’s Community Shop is an avenue to foster friendships and nurture social interactions between donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. From beneficiaries chatting among themselves about what to get and volunteers assisting the young and elderly in bagging their food items, the Shop is always a vibrant scene of community and activity. 

Adding to this liveliness at the Community Shop @ Lengkok Bahru is our beneficiary Mdm T. Nalaayini. At 73, Mdm Nalaayini’s happy disposition stood out to us. In her youth, with a passion to bring joy through her performance, she actively volunteered at elderly homes to bring smiles to their residents. A seasoned entertainer, she spontaneously belted out an upbeat Mandarin song in the Shop for the volunteers and other beneficiaries.

Mdm Nalaayini commended the volunteers for providing great service, one of the many reasons why she looks forward to visiting the Shop at the start of each month. “I can just come and take what I need.” 

The Community Shop is also an initiative that strives to give better by returning the dignity of choice to our beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can choose 12 non-perishable items and two fresh produce at the Shop each month. Find out more here.



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