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Pop-Up Fresh Produce Market

Published: 22 March 2019, Friday

Pop-Up Fresh Produce Market

Food from the Heart launched our first Pop-Up Fresh Produce Market, the first in such a format, and we're happy to announce that it was a success!

About 500 beneficiaries did their marketing for fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood, as well as frozen meat and other items at a farmers market-style set-up by Food from the Heart on 20 March 2019. More than 20 types of food, including fresh prawns, seabass and mangoes, were up for selection, and each beneficiary was able to redeem up to $50 worth of items.

This project is one way of how we hope to lead the change in perception regarding food programmes for the needy, and better empowering our beneficiaries with choices when receiving food aid. It also allows our beneficiaries to select the items that are truly relevant to their needs, while adding fresh produce and nutrition into the mix of food items that they use to prepare their meals. Food from the Heart looks forward to the possibility of extending this initiative to more dates throughout the year, and at different locations, so that more can benefit.

Part of the setting of the event was inspired by the mobile grocery pick-up trucks that were a regular sight in the 1970s and 80s. We felt that the familiar environment, as well as the friendly community, would lend a positive vibe to the event that would allow our beneficiaries to select their groceries with ease in fond reminiscence of their past.

Interested to join us in such future events? Write in to us at info@foodheart.org.


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