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Record 146,000 Clean Plates Counted for Clean Plate Campaign 2020

Published: 28 October 2020, Wednesday

Record 146,000 Clean Plates Counted for Clean Plate Campaign 2020

Thanks to the support of our 52 school and 14 preschool partners, as well as the gracious public, Food from the Heart managed to surpass its target of 50,000 to count 146,000 clean plates for the Clean Plate Campaign 2020.  "North Vista Primary School has been taking part in the annual Clean Plate Campaign since 2017. This is a meaningful endeavour that teaches us not to waste food a nd how food production and wastage might contribute to environmental issues that we are facing now," Mr. Michael Au, Teacher of North Vista Primary School shares. North Vista Primary School counted an impressive 9,802 clean plates during their 8-day campaign.

North Vista Primary School Students with their Clean Plates

The continuity of the Clean Plate Campaign amongst schools despite having to work around pandemic safety measures highlights the importance of recognising the food waste issue in Singapore. With safety distancing measures in place, students and teachers rose to the challenge to become Clean Plate Campaign Ambassadors, and most of the schools extended the period of their campaign roll-out. “Students remain enthusiastic about the campaign this year, reminding each other to finish their food and to return a clean plate. We are running the campaign for a month so the extended duration compared to last year's week-long campaign should reinforce such positive habits in our students,” Mr Jerry Yang, Teacher at Kong Hwa School, tells us.

For the first time, the Clean Plate Campaign was extended to the public in partnership with Deliveroo, who pledged $10,000 for the #CleanPlateChallenge. Many showed off their clean plates on social media to raise awareness of food waste with some posting daily in an earnest bid to play their part.

Year after year, the Clean Plate Campaign seeks to educate the general public and especially the younger generation about the importance of caring for the environment and community. As more people are impacted by the economic fallout from the pandemeic, the social impact of food waste makes this year's campaign even more meaningful. We thank everyone who contributed to the Clean Plate Campaign and we look forward to your continued support next year.



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