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Tips for Donating During the Festive Season

Published: 22 November 2021, Monday

Tips for Donating During the Festive Season

The festive season is upon us once again! Over the years, Food from the Heart has observed an increase in donations during months of celebrations – thank you for keeping those donations rolling in!

Food from the Heart has come a long way. Beyond simply donating food, there are certain values that we hold dear, such as emphatic giving. We believe that by listening and understanding what our beneficiaries need and want, and also by putting ourselves in their shoes, we can serve them better by adhering to some best practices. And for that, we need your help!


1.    Give preference to healthier food items. We welcome sweet treats in small doses to add to the festivities, but when in doubt, healthier options are the preferred food donation choice as they can be eaten on a daily basis.


2.    Donate festive goodies in a timely manner. A good rule of thumb is 3 - 4 weeks before the date of celebration so that there is sufficient time for the items to be collected, delivered to the warehouse, checked, sorted, packed and redistributed. Suddenly a one-month lead time doesn’t sound long at all, does it!


3.     Donating an appropriate portion size. Food from the Heart's food packs are distributed monthly on a consistent basis. That means that each item in the food pack does not have to last them for over than a month as it will get replenished the following month. Uneaten food that is piled up might turn into food waste instead. Rather, we prefer items that our beneficiaries can handle and carry easily, such as a 500ml bottle of oil instead of a 2kg bottle. They also should not be too heavy to carry home as a lot of our beneficiaries are of senior age.


4.Brands matter, especially old, well-established ones. Talk about canned food and a certain yellow and red can comes to mind. Mention malt drinks and many of us immediately we picture a green packaging. Specific brands have their own distinct flavours that some of our beneficiaries have grown accustomed to. These are the brands that bring a simple yet special comfort to our beneficiaries, so think of giving them a gift they want in their food pack.


5.    Variety matters, too. We don’t ask exclusively for popular brands – we just want more of them. After all, it would also be dull to keep eating the same items over and over again. Variety in brand and flavour are some ways to spice things up a bit! Also, think about festive ingredients and/or products, e.g. hot chocolate.


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