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What Our Beneficiaries Really Want

Published: 27 August 2019, Tuesday

What Our Beneficiaries Really Want

Staying relevant to our beneficiaries' needs is important, because without knowing who we serve, how will we serve them well?

Food from the Heart is one of the most established food charities in Singapore at 16 years old this year. Taking a slow and steady approach, we supported 40,300 beneficiaries with S$5.9 million worth of food on a consistent basis in 2018.

Providing sustained help to such large number of people is no easy task; it is only because of our community partners that we've managed to extend our islandwide reach, and it is also because of them that we have been able to remain relevant. They are our eyes and ears on the ground, speaking to our beneficiaries on a day-to-day basis.

We set out to find out how well our Community Food Pack programme serves our beneficiaries in a poll and focus group conducted among our community partners in the second quarter of this year.

The Results: More than 90% of our beneficiaries find Food from the Heart's Community Food Pack useful. About 71% are able to make the items last two to three weeks and 47% of those polled also requested for a bigger food pack with more items so that the supplies could last them longer. We also found out that white rice was the most highly-requested-for item while Milo is our beneficiaries' favourite form of instant beverage. Sardines rank on top as their preferred form of canned food. Also, see our food donation wish list here.

Currently, the Community Food Pack programme requires at least 40,000 food items every month to support more than 4,000 families through our 66 Self Collection Centres islandwide. Email us at info@foodheart.org if you would like to donate or organise a food drive to raise food for our beneficiaries.


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