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Hope and joy nourishes the soul

Do you remember how you felt as a child opening a gift that was wrapped for you? The glee and excitement, and a sense of being loved - those are all wonderful feelings, aren't they?

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Toys from the Heart

About This Programme

Toys from the Heart is a programme that runs on donations of new and used toys. Its highlight is its annual Toy Buffet, which is a vast selection of toys all nicely wrapped for the taking! On top of the presents, the giant carnival also treats about 3,000 underprivileged children to fun games and yummy food.

The purpose of the programme is to deliver a message of hope and love. Toys spark creativity, and more importantly, they are made for play - something every child loves to do! With the Toy Buffet, Food from the Heart seeks to show underprivileged children that they too are special.

Toy Donations

The Toy Buffet is supported by toy donations from individuals as well as Food from the Heart's school and corporate partners. Toys are typically bought with a donation of funds or collected through toy donation drives.

Wish to bring smiles to a bunch of adorable young faces? You can help by holding a toy donation drive or provide Food from the Heart with funds to purchase toys. The Toy Buffet happens in November each year, and Food from the Heart accepts toy donations between September to October. Indicate your interest to hold a toy donation drive here.

Volunteering at the Toy Buffet

Be part of the fun-fest that our young beneficiaries look forward to every year!

The Toy Buffet is made possible every year by approximately 1,200 people who are willing to help - from gift wrapping to photography to being a group marshall for the children, there's plenty to do! Lend us a hand by indicating your interest here.

Donors groups who wish to be part of our Toy Buffet can also set up their own booth at the event. Enquire to find out more here.

When our children play with toys, their imagination is spurred and their days enlivened. No child should be left behind in any aspect of such holistic development. I am therefore heartened that every year with their Toy Buffet, FFTH is working with a wide network of schools and other Social Service Organisations to spread a message of hope and love to children across Singapore.
Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament
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