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Bonding Through Volunteer Work

Published: 6 May 2019, Monday

Bonding Through Volunteer Work

“For it is in giving that we receive.” St Francis of Assisi.

Indeed, the act of giving pays back in many ways other than the simple joy of doing good.

For example, by volunteering, a child might develop character and values such as empathy and compassion. As part of their values in action programme, students can put what they learned into practise through volunteer work, and also hone their creativity, leadership and communication skills by organising other donation initiatives. 

Those who have a bit more time on their hands and wish to keep busy, such as retirees, may find volunteer work to be an opportunity to exercise their body and mind. Volunteering also brings like-minded people together, which sometimes leads to new friendships.

We spotted Mimi Melanie Mohamed with her daughter Marsya Taib performing quality checks for our food donations with, and decided to have a chat with them. Find out what they have to say about volunteering at Food from the Heart.


Thank you for checking for sorting out our food donations today! Is this the first time you are volunteering at Food from the Heart?
Mimi: The first time I was here, I came by myself. I wanted to give back to the community and the timing at Food from the Heart was convenient for me as a homemaker to volunteer for, since I need to take care of the children after they are back from school.

What brought Marsya down today then?
Marsya: Because I wanted to help the people who need help.
Mimi: I brought my family down to help out during the last session and Marsya saw the videos of Food from the Heart’s beneficiaries. She was free to volunteer after school today so I brought her.

What types of volunteer work does your family do?
Mimi: Our volunteer work has always been with Food from the Heart, but we’ve done different things like School Goodie Bag packing and sorting Toys for the Toy Buffet. The kids had fun volunteering for that because they were reminiscing (their own childhood) while doing it. It was wonderful because toys always bring joy to kids.

Was there anything that stood out to you when volunteering at Food from the Heart?
Marsya: I didn’t know it takes hard work to sort food and toys for those who need them.
Mimi: The amount of donated food Food from the Heart processes on a daily basis is so much, it’s staggering! It’s great that every bit of the food donations were distributed to families that needed it, except for the expired items. It makes me feel hopeful.

Is there anything you want to tell others about doing their part for Food from the Heart?
Marsya: I wish that everyone can donate healthy food to the beneficiaries and make sure it’s not expired.

Has volunteering changed anything in your own lives?
Marsya: I eat my mushrooms now!
Mimi: We’ve always been conscientious about not wasting food but since volunteering, Marsya has really tried to finish her mushrooms (which she doesn’t really like.) So, the next will be tomatoes!


Food from the Heart also provides volunteering activities for students who wish to clock VIA hours. Find out the different types of volunteering opportunities available here. 


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