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What our friends have been thinking about during COVID-19

Published: 29 April 2020, Wednesday

What our friends have been thinking about during COVID-19
uParcel agent Kimo Tan getting ready to deliver food packs to Food from the Heart seven beneficiary households


Food from the Heart is fortunate enough to have the support of like-minded individuals and the alliance of partners that are in line with our values. Here are some things we heard from them during this crisis.


We have quite a number of frail seniors who stays alone and have difficulties buying or preparing their own meals. Without organisations like FFTH and a group of volunteers continuing their commitmentmaking door to door distribution, this group of beneficiaries will face difficulties and challenges in their day-to-day living. As such, it is very important that the ration and food distribution continues during this period. 

- Francis Tan, Sarah Seniors Activity Centre


Food from the Heart volunteers sorting food at the warehouse

Food from the Heart volunteers sorting food at the warehouse

(The logistical work at Food from the Heart) is like grocery shopping - you have to do it! It's a necessity. If no one steps forward to volunteer, they will have nothing to eat! This is regardless of the COVID-19 situation. So I came down to help.

Elsie, Food from the Heart Volunteer


I'm cooking daily now. Can't afford to spend much so I need to watch my budget as I might need to go for my surgery after Circuit Breaker. Looking forward to the government's payout.

Mrs Zhang, Food from the Heart beneficiary


I had a recent hip replacement surgery, but I'm back now. There are people who have lost their jobs, those who were looking for jobs can't find one now.

Uncle Joe, Sengkang South Self-Collection Centre


Residents queueing up at Sengkang South Self-Collection Centre on 7 April 2020, before it was mandatory for Singaporeans to wear a mask


Some have lost their jobs or are facing loss of income. Would be nice if people would continue to help with the cause to provide for others who are in need or for those who face difficulties getting the basic necessities. I hope that we could help one another  during this period. As the government mentioned, #SGUnited!

Shaiful Sabtu, Tasek Jurong


Just help, lah! Yesterday, something good happened to me. Today, I do something good for other people. Good, right?

Sahferi Nordin, uParcel agent


#FoodfromtheHeart #covid19
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