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Donate Right to Give Better

Published: 16 February 2021, Tuesday

Food from the Heart turns 18 this year, and for many cultures, it signals a coming of age. We started out as a small charity of about 100 volunteers collecting unsold bread from bakeries to distribute to the needy, and standing the test of time, we've grown to serve 53,000 beneficiaries within a year.

As we grow in size, we have also matured in the depth of our giving, and aim to continuously do so. One of the areas in which Food from the Heart has grown is to give greater consideration to the appropriateness of what we give, done through our Donate Right programme.

When our donors puts himself or herself in the beneficiaries' shoes before donating. 

Donating right can mean...


Donating items that are generally healthier. Our beneficiary Uncle Tan tells us, "Doctor told me to take less sugar, so I'm trying my best to cut down." As we try our best to help those like Uncle Tan by giving less of what is unhealthy, we can also give more of what is healthier.


Donating festive goodies in a timely manner before the start of festivities so that they can reach our beneficiaries in good time.


Donating an appropriate portion size that our beneficiaries can carry home and finish within a month. Our food pack distributions to every beneficiary occurs monthly, so donating a just-enough serving is more efficient. Here, our volunteer repackages a larger pack of rice into smaller 1kg packs.


Learn more about how to Donate Right and spread the word!


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