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Our own eco-warrior, Sandra Zhang

Published: 28 October 2019, Monday

Our own eco-warrior, Sandra Zhang

An organisation is made of its people.

People who are passionate about their job find ways to do things that apathetic people don't because they are not simply going through the motions - they are energised by it and don't mind doing a little extra.

This explains why Sandra Zhang, Marketing and Communications Senior Manager at Food from the Heart, steps into office with a spring in her step every day; her job is simply an extension of her life and personality! Like the organisation, she is extremely down-to-earth and strongly believes that food is a very precious resource that too many of us take for granted. In fact, she thinks that too many people take too many things for granted.

While most of us are still trying to ditch the use of plastic bags, Sandra has been (in her own words!) having fun making her own shampoo, detergent and more. Her routine is pared down and minimalistic, but Marie Kondo she is not; Sandra's brand of minimalism is doing away with what you can do without, and being content with that with the greater good in mind.

Even as our 2019 Clean Plate Campaign draws to a close, we can be sure that Sandra will continue her own advocacy for food waste reduction. Of course, she herself never leaves a wasted morsel on her plate!


Sandra is a zero-waste columnist for local Chinese publication Zao Bao. Get inspired by her green efforts in this Mothership video feature.

Find out more about Food from the Heart's own food waste reduction efforts: Bread Run, Market Place, Clean Plate Campaign


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