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How Much Food Should You to Donate to a Food Charity?

Published: 17 January 2020, Friday

How Much Food Should You to Donate to a Food Charity?

One of the most common questions we receive at Food from the Heart is, "How much food should I donate?"

If the person asking is donating in his/her own capacity, as an individual donor, the answer is always, "As much as possible." This is because we serve the majority of our 44,600 beneficiaries monthly without fail.

Food from the Heart tries to serve as many beneficiaries as possible while also making sure to be able to commit our resources to them for as long as they need our assistance. We believe in sustainable charity work, which means that we consistently feed the needy month after month.

We have made this our Standard Operating Procedure because sustainable charity work amounts to more than alleviating hunger. Our beneficiaries know that they can get reliable and consistent food donations from us in terms of how often, how much, and even what type of food they will receive. This makes it easier for them to plan for the remaining food that they need, manage their resources and gives them a greater peace of mind.

Having monthly food distributions means that Food from the Heart needs new, incoming food donations every month. In the case where we are lucky enough to have excess food donations, the ones that are not-yet expiring are brought over to be distributed in the following month.

So how much food should you donate to a food charity like Food from the Heart? As much as you like, given that they

  • Are non-perishable items
  • Have an expiry date of 3 months and beyond
  • Are the type of food that our beneficiaries need
  • Are un-opened and in good condition

Find out more information on what food items are on our wish list, where to donate and other details on our in-kind donation page.

If you own an F&B business and wish to contribute to us as part of an organisation,  please write in to us here.


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