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Project Belanja!

Published: 30 January 2019, Wednesday

Project Belanja!

Having access to food is an issue that the needy faces, and to varying degrees. Some are too busy to cook while others are physically unable to. With this in mind, Food from the Heart kicked off 2019 with the launch of Project Belanja!, an initiative that allows the needy to redeem freshly cooked meals, this month. Complementing current food distribution programmes, this pilot project will provide beneficiaries with a hot meal daily to be redeemed at designated food stalls in their neighbouhoods through a Food Trust app developed by CCS Group Pte Ltd. It is funded by the #OCBCCares programme, which has pledged close to $50,000 to kickstart this initiative. Packed food, cooked food... Can you think of what else we can give? Photo credit: Nicholas Zhang


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