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Pop-Up Fresh Produce Market

What is it?

Food from the Heart's Pop-Up Fresh Produce Market is a pop-up that offers fresh food rations to beneficiaries market-stye, where they are able to pick and choose from chilled/frozen seafood and poultry, and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. 


How does it work?

Beneficiaries are given a ticket, which they present to the volunteer "vendors" of each stall for redemption.


Giving Better

Food from the Heart's Pop-Up Fresh Produce Market is the first of such a format of giving in Singapore. Its primary aim is to provide its beneficiaries with more nutritious food and a break from its standard non-perishable rations. The items given out are carefully curated for its nutritional value and balance to other food items, and feature more expensive items that beneficiaries do not regularly buy for themselves. The fresh food items include fresh seabass and prawns, frozen chicken, mangoes, kiwis, various types of leafy vegetables, silken tofu and laksa noodles.

By providing better-quality food items to its beneficiaries, Food from the Heart seeks to encourage the concept of giving better to the needy. The rationale of such an effort is to close to the widening gap of standards of living between the social classes in Singapore beyond pure survival, and the Pop-Up Fresh Produce Market caters to the mental and emotional aspects that are part of that gap.

The Market also aims to give its beneficiaries the dignity of choice to choose food donation items that best serve their needs in a curated and supportive environment. Food from the Heart hopes to delight elderly beneficiaries with a fond and familiar experience of shopping for groceries from a setting reminiscent of the mobile grocery pick-up trucks that were a regular sight in the 1970s and 80s.

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