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Corporate Volunteering in Singapore for Corporations and Institutions

As Singapore's foremost food charity recognised for its transparency, accountability and well-structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, Food from the Heart seeks socially-conscious corporations and institutions to champion our cause with us. We have established strong relationships with many organisations in Singapore that have enjoyed partnering with our charity to conduct food donation drives or engage in other forms of volunteering activities across various CSR ideas.

The giving-back landscape in Singapore has been evolving; Corporations have the power to drive positive societal and environmental changes. We can help your company work towards your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals through partnerships with Food from the Heart. A strong CSR programme helps enhance corporate reputation, boost employee morale, and attract new talents.

In fact, when you expose your employees to volunteering, they gain valuable skill sets and diverse experiences. These activities offer a unique opportunity for employees to contribute meaningfully to the community while also developing themselves personally and professionally. From strong teamwork to better interpersonal skills, volunteering not only fuels their compassion but also contributes to their personal growth and professional development.

Corporate Volunteering with Food from the Heart

Food from the Heart offers a wide range of corporate volunteering initiatives that allow socially-conscious organisations in Singapore to make a positive impact on the community while fostering employee development and team-building. The scope of projects and target beneficiaries ensures that every volunteering opportunity brings about meaningful change and supports those in need.

Warehouse Logistics

Corporate volunteers can help us with our logistics, like checking the expiry, sorting and packing of items. In this, corporate volunteers are also invited to bring five or more food donation items along to the session.

Organising Fundraising Events

If you would prefer to organise a fundraising campaign for your corporate volunteering initiative, you are welcome to do so. We can work closely with you in organising the fundraiser for your programme of choice and provide the support to ensure its success.

Organising Donation Drives

Another way you can help as corporate volunteers is by organising a food donation drive to collect safe-to-consume food items, which will be included in our food packs for the underprivileged. With this, we ask you to deliver these food donations to the Food from the Heart warehouse.

Professional Services

Beyond traditional volunteering activities, Food from the Heart also welcomes corporations to offer their professional services to support our cause. This could include providing expertise in areas like graphic design. Such contributions strengthen the charity's capabilities and help us optimise our operations, enabling us to serve the community more effectively.

Food from the Heart is also open to other creative ideas and suggestions from corporations, tailoring corporate volunteering experiences to match the unique strengths and interests of each company. Whether conducting educational workshops, mentoring beneficiaries, or organising special events, the charity encourages companies to bring forward their ideas and collaborate for a greater collective impact. You can talk to our staff to discuss further.

Become a Corporate Volunteer

The registration and onboarding process for corporate volunteers is designed to be transparent and straightforward. You can express your interest by answering our quick survey before providing the information we need on our online form. That way, we know how you want to help us with our programmes and activities. We will then contact you as soon as we can.

Food from the Heart understands the diverse needs and scheduling constraints of corporations. Therefore, we offer flexible scheduling options for volunteering activities. You can choose from one-time volunteering events to recurring engagements so that you can fit your charitable efforts into your business calendars and accommodate the availability of your employees.

Our personalised approach to corporate volunteering ensures that each engagement is aligned with the values and goals of the participating companies. Food from the Heart collaborates closely with corporations in Singapore to understand their social and environmental priorities, tailoring volunteering experiences to meet these objectives. This ensures a strong partnership where we achieve meaningful outcomes while making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Join Us as a Corporate Volunteer

Other Ways to Help


Aside from corporate volunteering and organising donation drives, you can also extend your support to Food from the Heart through sponsorships. Sponsoring a venue for charity events or activities provides valuable resources, enabling the charity to organise impactful gatherings and initiatives. You can also consider sponsoring prizes for fundraising events or competitions, which incentivises participation and encourages greater contributions from the community.

Through sponsorships, organisations showcase their commitment to CSR and play a crucial role in bolstering Food from the Heart's efforts to empower communities through food drives. As a result, they can positively impact the lives of vulnerable individuals and families.

Cash Donations

You can also support us in our cause by providing cash donations. All the funds you provide will go to our different programmes and activities to support those in need. We have been accorded IPC status by the government and are referred to as tax-exempt. As such, we can issue tax-deductible receipts for corporate donations to our charity in Singapore. The tax deduction as a result of the IPC status not only benefits donors but also allows charities to confirm their authenticity in Singapore in terms of governance and regulatory compliance. Learn more about our NGO’s volunteer opportunities.

Why Make Corporate Donations to Our Charity?

Get started by exploring opportunities to help with corporate food donation and other CSR ideas for groups and corporations in Singapore.
For other enquiries, contact us.

A Look at How Some of Our Partners Have Helped Us

Funding our cause.

Food from the Heart appreciates any corporate donation amount. From donations of postcard sales to generous cheque donations, every dollar goes towards supporting our beneficiaries.

A step in the right direction.

Food from the Heart is able to give better through our Community Shop initiative with cash sponsorship and skills-based volunteering by OCBC Bank.

Being part of a night of good fun, good company and goodwill.

A highlight in Singapore's social calendar, our annual Passion Ball fundraising gala brings together our esteemed donors, sponsors and guests in the spirit of giving back to the community.

Embracing the giving process.

Deliveroo has organised food donation drives, donates annually to our programmes and new initiatives and has helped connect their customers to our organisation on their app.

You can reach out to us should you require more information about our volunteering opportunities or how supporting our cause can provide your business with donation tax relief in Singapore. We will be able to provide you with details on how you can qualify for tax deductions and how you can contribute to our programmes.

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