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Volunteer Work Opportunities in Singapore for Students

Aside from providing volunteer opportunities for the general public to contribute to society, Food from the Heart has fronted initiatives that seek to educate on and encourage civic-mindedness in younger members of the community. Inculcating the spirit of giving in our youth is integral to shaping a compassionate, empathetic society. As such, Food from the Heart works with school students in Singapore to ingrain these values in young minds through educational and hands-on programmes.

By participating in volunteer work, students gain invaluable insights into the challenges faced by their less privileged peers. It cultivates an understanding of societal issues and fosters a culture of kindness and shared responsibility that shape our youth into conscientious future leaders. Students also grow immensely in character and world perspective, setting them on a path of service and altruism that goes far beyond their school years. In addition, such activities bolster the community, aiding those who may be in need.

Schools can seize this potential by partnering with Food from the Heart for their Values in Action (VIA) programmes. Such collaborations allow schools to fulfil their commitment to character and citizenship education, teaching students the value of service to others. These collaborations not only extend classroom learning into real-life experiences but also provide a transformative platform for students to appreciate the different facets of our society, and instil a lifelong commitment to serving their community."

Benefits of Youth Volunteering with Food from the Heart

Students embarking on a journey of volunteer work in Singapore with Food from the Heart are presented with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and skill development. As young volunteers take on leadership roles in various projects, they hone their communication and time management abilities. This environment of teamwork and responsibility aids in the cultivation of essential life skills that will serve them well beyond their school years.

Student volunteering with Food from the Heart also offers youth a platform for educational and career enrichment. It reflects their commitment to civic engagement, making for a distinctive addition to university applications and resumes and standing them in good stead for future pursuits. It also allows them to explore potential interests in diverse career paths, particularly those related to social work, education, nutrition, and more.

However, the benefits of these youth volunteer opportunities ultimately go beyond tangible skill-building and career exploration. At Food from the Heart, we believe that the future of our society lies in nurturing such thoughtful and considerate young individuals. Engaging in our programmes enables students to understand and empathise with the pressing issue of food insecurity, fostering a deep sense of social responsibility. By witnessing firsthand the challenges that many in our society face, young volunteers develop empathy and an understanding of societal inequalities. This enriching experience enhances their worldview, moulding them into compassionate and aware citizens who can make a difference in their community.

Volunteer Opportunities for Students

At Food from the Heart, we offer a wide spectrum of volunteer work for students in Singapore that caters to various interests, skills, and schedules. In line with our corporate volunteering initiatives, we welcome students to participate in impactful projects aimed at improving the lives of the less fortunate in our community. From organising donation drives and fundraising events to hands on bread distribution, our youth volunteering opportunities aim to offer invaluable real-world experiences while promoting a culture of giving and empathy.

Organising food donation drives

One key area of our volunteer work in Singapore for students is organising food donation drives. Students can coordinate collection efforts at their schools, focusing on essential food items to supplement the diet of underprivileged families. These drives not only help alleviate food insecurity but also foster a spirit of generosity within the school community.

Organising fundraising events

Students interested in supporting our initiatives in creative ways may also be interested in arranging fundraising events. These can range from bake sales to charity runs to artistic showcases, depending on what the students feel will best spur those around them into action. This fosters creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The funds raised go directly towards purchasing healthier food options and supporting logistical needs, such as transportation and warehousing.

Logistics-related work

For students who want to participate in the day-to-day activities of Food from the Heart, our youth volunteer opportunities extend to the logistics side of our operations. Students can help check food items for expiry, categorise them appropriately, and pack them for distribution. This offers a practical, hands-on experience that allows students to understand the complexity of food distribution to underprivileged families. Do note that students must be a minimum of 18 years old to enter our warehouse and/or participate in logistics-related activities.

Students can also opt to follow their parent or guardian on a Bread Run trip in order to participate in one of our flagship programmes, and claim VIA points. From time to time, Food from the Heart will organise special Bread Run distribution sessions tailored for student volunteers, who will be able to give out bread to our beneficiaries as well as interact with them. As these sessions are organised on an individual basis, do approach our team if you are a school or student organisation interested in collaborating on a Bread Run student distribution.

Through these varied opportunities, students can make a tangible difference in their communities while developing personal skills and gaining insightful experiences. If your school is interested in exploring these volunteering opportunities further, do fill out the corporate sponsorship application form. Together, we can nourish the lives of those in need and shape a compassionate generation committed to social responsibility.

Why partner Food from the Heart?

View our partnership opportunities here. For other enquiries, contact Maya Sahar at maya@foodheart.org.

A look at how we work with schools for the better good.

Helping children appreciate food as a precious resource.

Most of us in Singapore are very blessed. We have food on the table every day. The Clean Plate Campaign aims to create awareness about the amount of food wasted in Singapore and to encourage children to treasure their food by taking only what they need and finishing it.

Shaping a giving mindset that truly cares.

Donation is often thought of as simply the act of giving, but meaning is lost when the items given do not serve their recipients well. Our Donate Right initiative looks at the considerations that should be made such that they do.

Embracing the giving process.

Students from the FoodAid group of Ngee Ann Polytechnic helped to fill our food packs with food and love by organising food donation drives. Students of secondary school level and above can also help with packing our food packs, alongside other volunteer opportunities we provide in Singapore.

Eligibility for Tax-Deductible Donations

Food from the Heart is an Institution of a Public Character (PC) charity in Singapore. Not only do we offer youth volunteer opportunities to cultivate a spirit of giving, but our volunteers are eligible for tax-deductible donations and tax relief. For donors who require more information pertaining to tax deductible receipts by registered charities in Singapore, reach out to us. We will be able to provide you with details on how you can qualify for tax deduction.

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