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Direct Debit Donor Programme

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What is the Food from the Heart Direct Debit Donor Programme?

Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP) is a donation programme designed for members of the public who are interested in supporting Food from the Heart's effort in fighting hunger through consistent bread rations and guaranteed monthly food packs.

Why does Food from the Heart have a DDDP?

DDDP is promoted face-to-face and it is an easily accessible and friendly method of allowing members of the public to find out more about Food from the Heart’s efforts and activities. DDDP is promoted at various places including events, shopping malls and at pre-approved locations throughout Singapore.

Which parties are involved in DDDP?

There are 3 parties involved, and they are Food from the Heart, LadderPro Pte Ltd and SG Global Support Services. We have engaged LadderPro Pte Ltd trading, a reputable marketing company that is also working with other many Charity Groups in Singapore. LadderPro sends small teams of trained Fundraising Ambassadors to promote the Food from the Heart DDDP at pre-approved venues in Singapore. SG Global Support Services helps us to manage this programme’s administrative work.

Why doesn’t Food from the Heart use its own staff or volunteers for DDDP?

The cost of setting up a large team to manage and carry our DDDP will take up a lot of resources. This is why we are partnering with LadderPro who specialises in face-to-face marketing. This partnership allows Food from the Heart to save cost and channel your donations towards our four food programmes. Face-to-face fundraising is a regular, professional job that requires long-term commitment and specific skills. While we sincerely thank our volunteers for their support, many of them have jobs and/or commitments, which means that they are not ideal candidates for this programme.

How can I be sure that the person on the street approaching me for donations is a Fundraising Ambassador of LadderPro?

All our representatives carry an ID badge and a copy of the Collectors Certificate of Authority (CCA) issued by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) which states the name and NRIC of each individual fundraiser. If in doubt, you can also contact Food from the Heart at 6280 4483 or LadderPro at 6557 0120, Mondays to Fridays 9am to 6pm, with the full name or ID badge number of the representative that you wish to verify.

Does all the money go directly to Food from the Heart?

Yes, 100% of the funds raised goes directly to Food from the Heart. DDDP is a safe and convenient way for members of the public to donate to us as we only accept credit card transactions and all the monies are debited directly into Food from the Heart's bank account. Food from the Heart pays LadderPro a small fee for the work done. Each year, we allocate a budget for various fundraising activities: special events, direct mailers and so forth. It is from this pre-allocated, strictly approved budget that this fee is paid. This fee is within the NCSS guidelines and contributes to the programme’s overheads.

How much is the monthly, 6-monthly or annual donation?

Note: Food from the Heart appointed representatives are NOT allowed to accept cash donations.

I am keen to consider donating to Food from the Heart. But, can I make a one-time donation instead of donating on a monthly, 6-monthly or annual basis?

Every donation is important for us to continue our work. Should you be keen to donate on a one-time basis only, you can do so by making an online donation here or through the other donation methods explained here.

How can I cancel my monthly, 6-monthly or annual donation?

As an independent charity that does not received regular government funding, your donation is critical in ensuring the reliable and consistent provision of our food rations every month without fail. Our operating processes are in place so that safe-to-eat food gets delivered to our beneficiaries in a timely and sustained manner. These cannot happen without your donations, hence we hope that we can have your continuous support.

However, if you need to cancel your donation, please contact the donor service line at 6323 2012 and we will process your request immediately. Please allow a maximum of 30 days for the termination of credit card arrangements to take effect.

How do I recognise a Fundraising Ambassador face-to-face?

Our fundraiser ambassadors can be identified by their

Meet our Fundraising Ambassadors
Meet our Fundraising Ambassadors

If you require further assurance, please contact 6323 2012 and a member of team will be able to verify the legitimacy of the fundraiser ambassador.

Where are our Fundraising Locations?

Locations Dates
Yishun, Jurong West 28/05/2023 - 02/06/2023
Bukit Merah, Rochor, Singapore River 04/06/2023 - 09/06/2023
Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh 11/06/2023 - 16/06/2023

Who do I contact for further enquiries about DDDP?

For enquiries on DDDP/Food from the Heart Fundraising Ambassador:
Please contact LadderPro at 6557 0120. Fax can be sent to 6535 6972.

For enquires on donations/donor services (e.g. change of details/cancellation):
Please contact SG Support Services at 6323 2012.

For enquiries on DDDP/ Food from the Heart’s work:
Please contact Food from the Heart at info@foodheart.org or 6280 4483.

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